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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
order. we're talking about international institutions. john has written the most serious threat to american national security today is not as specific enemy but the erosion of the institutional foundation of the global order that the united states has commanded for half a century. so he sees the constitutions of the global order is being essential to the strength. jessica has written, our infrastructured, gridlocked politics is having a major impact abroad on other countries perceptions of u.s. influence and power. and of course, on the desire account of the u.s. example. taking the first of these, bob, and the challenge that is posed the use in terms of influence by the strength or lack of strength or current state of international institutions, what do you see out there that worries you in terms of the institutional structure in the world order right now? >> well, yawn and i have a -- john and i have old say subtle argument about this in the sense that my view is that . >> this is no place for subtle. >> i know. i'm going try to move past it as quickly as possible. [laughter]
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
that they're not doing a good job? it begets bad stories. so i think john harrison was on earlier, made a great point. that the at the very least you already see it from bill crows tell -- bill kristol and others not criticism for week or two. probably longer. gives him a respite and there could be more questioning about obama's performance among democrats. in the pew study, what seeps in. coverage eventually seeps in and affects mood of swing voters. >> the question becomes, romney had a good night tonight. does that give him momentum where that changes the dynamics of the campaign and come in again the in next debate and build on that and give two more dominant performances? or, do we have the vp debate next week that changes the narrative once again? i think you can expect the president to come in stronger and crisper next time. the president is a fierce competitor. he does not like to lose. so i think we can all assume that he will go back and do many so more debate prep. >> what we'll see from the obama staff and surrogates in their appearances next 20 four hours push this back bei
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
's john f. kennedy airport, the congestion in the air space challenges have across places like the metropolitan area and here i am the metropolitan area. all of this site, mr. chairman and certainly two ranking member costello as well, and over the years, you have certainly been passionate about pursuing just real meaningful solutions to these problems as if they had been in your congressional districts across the country and we certainly appreciate that as an industry. your palate hearings, conduct of information on sessions and have an open door as he sought not to assign blame, but in terms of driving a shorter path to progress in the future. for the past years as chairman of the faa's nexgen advisory committee. i thank you and i'm wearing two hats today. that is in the rover chairman as well as ceo at jet airways. on the sub three advisory committee come all soon conclude my 2-year-old weary bruce group of leaders from across the world does both volunteered that. we provide consensus-based recommendations on complex policy issues and response to specific questions they pres
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and former candidate john huntsman. we'll have live coverage on c-span2 beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. almost twenty years ago we broadcast one of the most controversial stories in our e years on the air. it was called yes, but is it . >> i was accused of being a -- someone lackingest threatic sensibility to appreciate the challenge nature much some art. in the twenty years, works the questions wort hundreds of thousands of dollars are worth hundreds of million. so what made everybody so mad twenty years ago? >> i discovered something that i had absolutely could barely believe. that when you question someone tastes [inaudible] than religion, sexual preference, it's something that goes to the very [inaudible] you say you bought that? sixty minutes on the career at cbs. walt tear cron cite and journalism today. sunday at 8 on c-span q & a. >>> i have all the channels, 1992 senate plus author book review speeches, those kinds of things. if i know a bill is coming up on the floor of the house, i watch, you know, which channel i want to see.%h because i have them all. as a book review or s
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
with congress. john boehner, as speaker of the house should provide leadership to ensure a debt deal gets done. i believe bob woodward had interviews with boehner and the president we were complaining about bet debate and it fell flat but these guys are fighting about the amount of taxes and spending. one year later we're waiting for the fiscal cliff. apple has been very successful making products that they want but they are sitting on $40 billion of cash and much of that is overseas. it is not coming back unless there is an environment that is favorable for apple. i don't know where it spends its money in the u.s. but there's a lot of the balance sheet that is overseas. if they brought their money back if you think apple is successful now they could be a bigger contributor by hiring employees. yes, a proud american company but look on the other side of your iphone designed in california, and made in china at. >>host: last call comes from jefferson organic from the republican side. >> caller: hello. it is an honor to talk to you. iowa cnbc from squawk to the closing bell. is any of the money f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5